Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yay! My blog is back, lol! Yesterday it stopped working just as I tried to make my first post, lol! (See my first post below :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I wanted to post again today because I felt another....

QUICK! Here is a $5 giftcard for the first five people to use it! Put it in the coupon section, and not valid on Commercial Use items please :)

code: GOGOGO
amount: $5

p.s. the freebie is in the post below, scroll to the bottom :)


  1. I've been stalking your blog all morning!! :D Thank you sooooo much... grabbed both The Whimsical Collection and Halo!! I can't wait to unzip and play! Thank you, thank you! :D


  2. oh my I cant believe it thank you so much Holly I picked up your new kit Summer Memories and will be shopping later for the add on. have a great day and love your new blog :0)

  3. Thank you Holly,
    I pickedup your heartstring!
    LOVE IT! Thank you!

  4. What a great idea! I just missed it though... boo-hoo. (LOL!) I was this close to having the Whimsical Collection. :D

  5. Love your blog Holly! Thanks for the really cute freebie!!

  6. Hi, Holly
    I love your blogs is sooooo beautiful!!!!

  7. LOVE your new blog...hate my job that made me TOO SLOW on the coupon (but that's totally okay, you are still awesome :D)

  8. HEY HOLLY!!! So glad you started a I can stalk you even more. mwuhhaahaa (that was my scary laugh. lol)

    Thanks for the freebie!!